You are currently viewing WINE CLUB August 2021 | 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot

WINE CLUB August 2021 | 2017 Colorado Petit Verdot

August 2021 Wine of the Month: 2017 Petit Verdot

Our August wine of the month is a special treat from the Balistreri Wine Library. We have been loving this Petit Verdot with everything from red meats to garden veggies on the grill, and we wanted to share it with out wine club members before summer comes to a close!

A Mature and Powerful Wine

While often blended, we have always made a single varietal Petit Verdot. Known for deep red colors and robust structure, this 2017 vintage is that and much more. Having aged in new oak for 2 years, we see that influence throughout but with added nuance and maturity. The extra year in our American Oak has afforded this wine the time to develop and mature without compromise. This is truly a combination of elegance and power with classic flavors, unbelievable aromatics, and fine detail. 

Unique Flavors of Petit Verdot

Magnificently dark in color, this wine has incredible depth with notes of black cherry, wild fresh dill, and cocoa powder aromas. Hints of cherry oak and flecks of vanilla bean keep your nose glued to the end of your glass, balanced with fresh herbal notes like sage, fresh dill, and dried violets. Fruit is tart and red on the palate at first with a surprising amount of freshness and energy just before this Verdot lowers its bow to a big tannic finish. 

Perfect for Father’s Day

Without a doubt, this 2017 Petit Verdot is one of our most impressive offerings in recent memory. We cannot think of a better wine to pair on Father’s Day. It’s going to impress with everything from grilled lamb to barbecue ribs or even just regular beef burgers. That said, don’t feel pressure to open this now. It can easily age 10+ years in the bottle! If you are looking for a powerful yet sophisticated bottle for Father’s Day, this is the one.


A Barrel-Age Worthy Wine

We’ve been working with Petit Verdot for over 5 years and it always surprises. Every vintage, it reveals a new trick or flavor, ranging from spicy/peppery to lush/fruit forward. It’s been an interesting grape to look back on, with some of the older vintages showing amazing development in the cellar. With this potential in mind, we decided to reserve the 2017 vintage in the barrel. Most of our wines are only in the barrel for one year or less, but the 2017 spent twice that time in our best American Oak. We weren’t sure how it would turn out, but this extended barrel aging turned out to be the best choice for Petit Verdot!

A Warm-Climate Grape

Originating from Bordeaux, France, Petit Verdot was traditionally blended with Cabernet to add tannin and structure. In good vintages, it was highly regarded for its power and intensity but sometimes struggled to ripen… In fact, Petit Verdot translates to “Little Green”, a nod to this unfortunate tendency. Most French producers gave up on the grape, replacing it with easier ripening varietals. Luckily, some vines were transplanted to warmer regions capable of coaxing the full potential out of the stubborn varietal. Indeed, nowadays you are most likely to find Petit Verdot in warm climates like Australia, South Africa, and yes, even here in Colorado!

A Powerful Single Varietal Wine

Still, even in warm climates it is rare to see Petit Verdot bottled on its own. The tannins are often just too stern and unforgiving, especially when the wine is young. However, an extra year in our American Oak has afforded this wine the time to develop and mature without compromise. The 2017 vintage is the perfect marriage of varietal character and American oak temperament.

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