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Colorado Grapes

Grown in Grand Junction & Palisade

Grape-growing in Colorado happens on the Western Slopes of the Rocky Mountains because the rain shadow traps the nicer weather on that side of the mountains, allowing for perfect grape-growing.

We only use hand-picked grapes to ensure we are using the highest quality fruit in our wines. Our grapes are carefully crushed in the winery and allowed to ferment using their natural yeasts. This preserves the character and quality of the fruit. 

When the wine is done fermenting, it is pressed using a bladder-style basket press and then siphoned by hand into fine American Oak Barrels. The wines age in barrel for approximately one year, where they undergo natural malolactic fermentation.

Colorado Chardonnay Harvest!

Most of our grapes are grown in Colorado, so we are an authentic Colorado winery. Some of our grapes come from California grown by friends & family of the Balistreri’s.

Grand Junction Vineyards!

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Winemaker John in the Tasting Room

Balistreri Wine Tasting

When visiting, you will be welcomed by Winemaker John Balistreri, his wife Birdie, their daughter Julie, and the rest of the Balistreri Team. We offer tastings of our wines and tours of our cellar and winemaking facilities.

Wine Flights, Glasses, and Bottles to enjoy with lunch