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WINE CLUB March 2024 | 2020 Colorado Syrah | Avant Vineyard

Syrah, Syrah!

What a wonderful grape! This varietal is a favorite among the Balistreri family and is always a staple on our dinner table. Syrah can be quite a versatile wine. Some are more fruit forward, while others lean towards savory, meaty, or spicy flavors. This flavor spectrum can be seen between the different Syrah’s currenting on our tasting list. While one is exploding with blueberry notes, this 2020 “Avant” Syrah shows a savory side, making it the perfect pairing for a hearty meal.

The aromas of this Syrah are enticing! Fresh eucalyptus welcomes you and provides an intriguing cooling sensation. Give it a few swirls and notice how aromas of blackberry jam laced with lilac envelope your glass. The palate is just as interesting, as flavors of mulberry dance across your tongue, then give way to savory rosemary, green olive, and sea salt. Its meaty texture gives this wine structure, ensuring it will stand up to steaks, game, or rubbed barbeque alike.

Decanting Note – 

When you pop the cork, you may notice some harmless sediment on it and in the neck of the bottle. This happens as our natural wine ages and you can choose to decant if you wish. We recommend wiping out the neck of the bottle with a clean, rolled up paper towel, and then slowly sliding the wine into a decanter in one continuous pour. Only stop when you begin to see sediment particles in the wine stream. Decanting over a white or light surface will help you see these sediment particles better.

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From The Balistreri Family

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