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WINE CLUB June 2024 | 2021 Alicante Bouschet | American

Welcome summer with a newly released Alicante Bouschet! We thought this wild wine needed a little bit more time to settle into itself, so this vintage of Alicante was aged in American oak barrels for an extra 10 months. It is worth the wait! Dried fruit flavors— sun baked cherries, dates, and dried figs – give this Alicante a rich body, which is complemented by a dry, robust finish. Soft earthy tones are scattered throughout the palate; balancing the fruit with the tannins, and leaving you perfectly satisfied.  

Aside from producing delicious wine, Alicante Bouschet is a special grape in it’s own right. It is one of the few teinturier grapes in the viticultural family, meaning it’s flesh is red, while most wine grapes have a clear flesh and develop color from contact with the grape skins through fermentation. So, when crushing these grapes, don’t wear clothes you’d rather not have stained!


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