You are currently viewing WINE CLUB April 2024 | 2020 Colorado Cabernet Franc | Avant Vineyard

WINE CLUB April 2024 | 2020 Colorado Cabernet Franc | Avant Vineyard

After several months missing from our tasting room line up, we’re pleased to welcome Cabernet Franc back to the list. Known for its unique flavor profiles, Cabernet Franc is a medium body wine that can lean more on the earthy flavors than fruity, such as chili pepper, bell pepper, and tobacco. While this rendition of Cabernet Franc shows some savory flavors, it also boasts rich fruit as well.

Flavor Profile

Aromas of dried currants and bay leaves smell sweet and savory. The palate is rich with flavors of luxardo cherries, and complemented by spiced notes of cardamom, and earthy tobacco on the finish. Enjoy this Cabernet Franc with wine sauteed mushrooms, barbequed meats, or even pasta.


From The Balistreri Family

Natural Wine from Balistreri Vineyards

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