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November 2020 | 2019 Horse Mountain Syrah

One of the foundational aspects of Balistreri Vineyards is that we have always focused on single vineyard wines (as opposed to blending fruit from several different growers). This, in combination with making wine naturally without adulteration, allows us to see the unique terroir in the finished wine. Each and every vineyard is different, even if two vineyards are growing the same grape variety the finished wine will taste completely different because of this “terroir”. Terroir, a French word for “sense of place”, includes the microclimate, topography, orientation, soil composition, etc.. Understanding and showcasing this sense of the place is what natural wine is all about.

As a wine club member, you are probably familiar with some of these single vineyard sites…. Lovies, Whitewater, Black Bear Orchard… Everyone has their personal favorite. However, for us there is one vineyard that we believe has truly unique and unmistakable terroir: Horse Mountain Vineyard.


Horse Mountain is such a special vineyard for us that we have now designated it on the front of the wine. We are also introducing a new price point for this iconic wine at $34 ($27.20 for wine club members)

Horse Mountain is a small vineyard with just over an acre planted to Syrah. Over the years, our Horse Mountain Syrah has been one of our most outstanding and intense wines. Unlike other vineyards in the Grand Valley which are planted on relatively flat land, Horse Mountain (as the name implies) is planted on an upward slope which allows for improved drainage and more even sun exposure. Further, there is something mysterious about the vineyard… without fail, it always creates wines of massive intensity, powerful spice and enticing aromatics. It truly is a wine unlike any other.

The 2019 vintage is special for a few reasons. For one, we were blessed with a bountiful harvest. Some vintages we only could make a handful of barrels, but in 2019 we had a great yield. This is the first time in a long time we are able to release Horse Mountain as a Wine Club wine. Not only that, but we are now offering it at a new price point. If you want to stock up, wine club members only pay $27 for this delicious wine.

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