“Winter Fortitude” Wine Pack

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Pack Includes:
Port | Barrel 21-36
Port | Stranahan Barrel 18-S21
Reserve Cherry | 09-76

The Holidays aren’t complete without something sweet! These wines are packing a lot more than just a little residual sugar though – each of these wines are fortified. That means that during their primary fermentation, we added high alcohol ‘brandy hearts’ (uncut distilled wine) to stop the fermentation and retain residual sugar. The 21-36 Port is an excellent example of a Ruby Style Port, and won a double gold medal at the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition. Retaining luscious fresh fruit alongside an incredibly smooth finish, it’s no surprise it medaled in competition. The Port from the Stranahan barrel is a result of our long time barrel exchange with Stranahan Whiskey in south Denver. It offers a different take on Ruby Style Port with notes reminiscent of a fine cognac.

As for the cherry –  skip that old fashioned, if you’re looking for a cherry cocktail this fortified cherry from 2009 has you covered! If you’re feeling adventurous, use it for mixing and creating your own cherry cocktail. It is full of deep cherry notes, warm spice and drinkability that only 14 years of age can provide. These wines carry all the fortitude you’ll need to get through the chilly winter weather. Curl up to the fire and enjoy these as the perfect digestif! Pack is discounted 15% and 25% for wine club; Salut!

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