“Italian Connection” Wine Pack

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Pack Includes:
2022 Nero d’Avola | American
2022 Montepulciano | American
2020 Alicante Bouchet | American

Yes you’re reading that correctly, the double gold 2020 Alicante Bouschet is making a celebrity appearance in this wine pack. If you’re a wine expert, however, you will be wondering why it is in the Italian themed pack. Alicante is traditionally a French varietal; it is a teinturier (red flesh) grape that has intense pigment and thick skin. These traits led it to being planted widely across California during prohibition– the pigment meant it could be ‘stretched’ while retaining color and the thick skins lent to hardiness during shipping. Back in the day, this ship-ability made it a favorite grape to make homemade wine with for the Italian farming community here in North Denver. So while its not a traditionally Italian grape we are going to fit it in given the significance it held for the community in Denver.

Thats a lot of talk about Alicante, but these other two wines carry their own weight in every way. Nero d’Avola is a favorite Sicilian grape of ours. This is our first ever vintage working with the varietal and it made a beautiful wine.  Bold fruit with a luscious mouth feel and smooth finish makes this Nero a real show stopper. Finally, the Montepulciano shows a fun vibrant expression of the grape. With red fruit and a juicy mouthfeel, there is not a holiday charcuterie board that wouldn’t benefit from a bottle of this “Monty” near by.

This is likely the last time you’ll see the Alicante with the exception of occasional special dinners at the winery, and you don’t want to miss a discount on all these great wines, 15% off and 25% off for wine-club members! Cheers!

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