Homemade Balistreri Cherry Pie


Cherry Pie week at Balistreri’s is 6 delicious days celebrating the making of our Cherry Wine and Pies.This is Birdie Balistreri’s famous recipe! Entirely made from scratch, this is absolutely the best cherry pie you will ever taste! The Montmorency cherries that we are using for our wine and pies this year are sourced from Palisade and Hotchkiss, Colorado!


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5 reviews for Homemade Balistreri Cherry Pie

  1. Anna Capley


  2. Mary Beer

    Look forward to trying the pie.

  3. Don Janicki

    Look forward for this pie.

  4. Lucina E Hoover (verified purchaser)

    Best cherry pie we ever had.
    Perfect crust and not overly sweet. The tart of the cherries makes it.

  5. Janet (verified purchaser)

    The first time I had this wonderful cherry pie I was in heaven. Love them so much, bought three to share with friends last year, one for each of us. My Denver friend just asked me about them tonight. Looking forward to this year 2021!

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