Harvest Party at Home: “Feast for Two”


This feast for two comes fully cooked but must be heated to finish. It includes Appetizers, Fall Pumpkin Bisque, Pull Pork Pig Roast, Italian Roasted Potatoes, Fall Salad and a Apple Crisp dessert. This special menu is available Oct 22nd thru Nov 1st. Please schedule your pick up accordingly during checkout. 

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This feast for two comes fully cooked but must be heated to finish.

This special menu is available for 10 days so you can celebrate the harvest at home anytime, Oct 22nd thru Nov 1st


Harvest Party at Home
Feast for Two

Smoked Salmon Pate
House made Lemon Ricotta with Vincotto
Cucumber, Crostini, Fresh Berries

Fall Pumpkin Bisque
Apple Cranberry, Pepita

Pig Roast
House made Ciabatta Rolls
Pulled Pork
Merlot BBQ Sauce
Roasted Chili
Rosemary Italian Roasted Potatoes

Fall Salad
Mixed Greens, Fire Roasted Corn, Carrot Coins, Pear, Butternut Cubes
Pear Vinaigrette

Apple Crisp
Caramel, Chocolate Genache

4 reviews for Harvest Party at Home: “Feast for Two”

  1. David Fox

    Balistreri’s is amazing!!

  2. David and Doñna Baker

    We have been going to the Balistreri winery fot years and have never been disappointed. Their wines are world class in my opinion. Their friendly atmosphere just makes it a fun and enjoyable place to be.

  3. Kelsey (verified purchaser)

    This was an incredible deal and every bite was 5 stats!

    • Mason Balistreri

      Thank you Kelsey! I hope you enjoy the new Pinot Noir as well!

  4. Steph VanLangenhoven (verified purchaser)

    Good lord this was amazing. We tried eating over several hours so we could get through everything and still got too full to eat it all. Delish from start to finish with well balanced flavors and textures; felt like dining at a high-end restaurant, but in the comfort of our own home. 100% would do this again, loved it.

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