“Golden Years” Wine Pack

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Pack Includes:
2009 Zinfandel | Talbott Vineyard
2012 Petite Sirah | CVS Vineyard
2019 Cabernet Sauvignon | Lovies Vineyard

Forget the Golden Bachelor, we’re only interested in golden wines. We’re talking those perfectly aged oldies that are sure to impress. The Zinfandel and and Petite Sirah are a wonderful demonstration of what time in the bottle can do to a wine. With both having over ten years of age, they are just hitting that goldilocks zone of being perfect to drink. The Zin is still showing all of its jammy fruit accompanied by a softness that only time can bring.  The Petite has mellowed the gripping tannins that can be aggressive while young, and is showing more stewed berry and a balanced, well rounded palate. The Cabernet on the other hand is only 4 years old. Right now it is delicious; its dark brambly fruit & big tannins led this wine to a gold medal in the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition. But that’s not the only thing that got it into this pack. It demonstrates exactly what we would look for in terms of a wine that is perfect to age. We could see this Cab being opened ten years from now and really exceeding expectations. Drink it now to enjoy a young, robust wine and learn what qualities make great aging wines, or wait a few years. Whatever adventure you pick, be sure to get it while its on sale!

All these wines are limited in the cellar and this vintage of Lovies sadly may be our last, while the status of the vineyard is up in the air at the moment. Also as a reminder with these old wines, be sure to stand them up the day before drinking to let sediment settle to the bottom and decant gently to avoid disturbing sediment. We recommend drinking them at cellar temperature (65 degrees) and letting it warm and open in your glass. For more info on decanting check out our YouTube video below on decanting.

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