Balistreri Lasagna for “Two”

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Bake at home for a great meal! Comes with red or white cream sauce. This is our classic Balistreri Lasagna recipe made with home made riccotta, romano, provolone, parmesan and Italian sausage.

Each order comes with sides of garlic bread, garden salad w/basil vinaigrette.


Use this page to order a bake at home version of our Lasagna. To order the hot and cooked version please call and place a lunch order.


Bake at 375° for 35 minutes. Rest for 10-15 minutes before serving.

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Balistreri Red Sauce or White Cream Sauce?

Classic Red Sauce, White Cream Sauce

Classic (Sausage) or Vegetarian?

Classic Sausage, Vegetarian

6 reviews for Balistreri Lasagna for “Two”

  1. Rebecca Pfeffer (verified owner)

    The lasagna was the best I have ever tasted – thank you

  2. Cyndi

    Tastes just like I like lasagna to taste! I’m ordering my second one today!

  3. Gordon (verified owner)

    So good and tasty. I’ve ordered this multiple times, usually when picking up my wines.

  4. Jennifer Nessett

    My family loves this lasagna, the red and white sauce are both absolutely delicious, though the white sauce is our favorite!!

  5. Lon Nestrud (verified owner)

    Fantastic lasagna! My wife and I brought one up to the mountains with a friend of ours and the three of us shared one lasagna for two meals (6 servings). So good!!

  6. Elizabeth Mahoney

    I have has this twice so far during this crazy pandemic and it is DELICIOUS. The first time we had it was for our Easter meal. This is the best Lasgna I have ever had and quite the treat as I don’t make Lasagna personally. I have only had the red sauce sausage option.

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