2017 Colorado Merlot (Lovies Vineyard)


Forget everything you know about Merlot! Unless you’re familiar with the stellar track record of Lovies, this Merlot defies varietal expectations and is easily one of our most impressive Merlots. The soft tannins are perfectly balanced, and add structure to the wild and exciting fruit character. Black cherry, raspberry candy and rich chocolate fill out the flavor profile. Don’t miss out on this limited production wine!

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Image of Lovies Vineyard

Lovies Vineyard, although quite small, produces some of the greatest grapes in all of Colorado. We would love to pour these wines all year, but there simply aren’t enough bottles to go around! Due to the small production and extremely low yield of the vineyard, we can only offer these wines on special occasions throughout the year. Don’t miss your chance to take home these unique wines!

So, what makes Lovies so special? Well, it starts with the farming. Owned by Ken and Karen Loveland, this vineyard produces the most unique and singular fruit we work with. The grapes are typically 2-3 times smaller than most Cabernet or Merlot. This increases the skin-to-juice ratio during fermentation, thus intensifying the natural levels of flavor, tannin and acidity in the finished wine. Lovies is also notable for it’s low yielding nature. Less grapes on each vine means that there isn’t as much competition and both the grapes and stems are able to ripen fully. Indeed, each vintage the stems are fully lignified and developed, imbuing a rare maturity into the finished wine. This method of low yield farming matches perfectly with our natural style of winemaking.

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