What is “Orange Wine”?

Balistreri Vineyard’s white wines are especially unique and made in a natural style now know as “orange wine”. The white grapes are fermented on the skins, like a red wine, which imparts a rich, deep color and flavor. They are not filtered or fined and bottled without racking or cold stabilization.

This natural and historic style of white wine making produces a golden-orange hue in the wines, which also may develop harmless sediment as they age. These “orange” white wines should be served only moderately chilled to preserve the body and aroma.

  • 2021 Viognier  | American
    • 2021 Viognier  | American
    • 2021 Viognier | American

    • $30.00
    • Classic robust Balistreri Orange Wine! This Viognier is a heavier white, but is still fruit forward and extremely approachable. The nose is rustic citrus, bruised pear and hints of toasted almonds. Sipping this Viognier, you’ll immediately notice a rounder and more rich mouthfeel, giving way to spiced orange cider, a touch of oak, and that classic Orange wine tannin from the skins of the grapes. A sturdy wine fit for roasted chicken or hearty salads.
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