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April 2021 | 2018 American Grenache

As April rolls in and spring is coming into bloom, we wanted a wine that fit the mood; the 2018 Grenache is just that wine.

This 2018 Grenache in particular, shows a more delicate side of the varietal. The nose is welcoming with hints of floral elements complimented by red fruit — reminiscent of a spring garden. It has a refreshing tart acidity and is lighter bodied compared to some of our classic Balistreri reds. If you tasted this wine in the past you’ll notice that crisp tart edge, while still present, has mellowed a little with time and ripe strawberry and red raspberry flavors are really showcasing on the pallet. As it finishes, we see a hint of spice, leaning more towards white peppercorn, which adds to the complexity and versatility to the wine. Light and vibrant enough to sip on the porch in the spring sun, but versatile and complex enough to carry you through the chilly nights!


Balistreri Vineyards

2018 American Grenache!

While some Grenache can be quite rugged, this vintage embraces the more elegant side of the varietal. Light bodied, yet complex, this has expressive and refined notes of dark cherry, baking spice and rose petal. On the palate, the wine is graceful with gentle tannins and beautifully integrated acidity.

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