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About Us

Winemaker John & Daughter Julie

Winemaker John & Wife Birdie

Balistreri Vineyards is a family-owned & operated, all-natural Winery located just 10 minutes outside of Downtown Denver, Colorado.

We use Colorado-grown grapes to make our all-natural wines. We serve them in our tasting room for our guests to enjoy, and we also have a wonderful restaurant that serves seasonal, local, high-quality dishes.

Additionally, we are a full event center. With our ballroom, cellar, and garden areas, we are equipped to host events for 250+ guests.

Award-Winning, All-Natural Wines

Family-Owned & Operated

High-Quality Restaurant

Full Event Center: Ballroom, Cellar, and Garden Areas

John pouring for guests

Our History

From greenhouses…

To all-natural winery…

John Balistreri’s family immigrated from Sicily to the United States in the early 1900s. John built greenhouses and grew carnations for many years, but continued Sicilian tradition of producing wine for family and friends. 

Although winemaking had always been a family tradition, it wasn’t until 1998, with the efforts of John’s daughter Julie and wife Birdie, that the operation became a commercial endeavor. They built a modest tasting room to showcase their authentic and natural style of winemaking.

Since then, a much larger Winery & Event Center have been built, while still keeping to its traditional roots. On the very same land that the family has once grown carnations stands a new facility equipped with a wine cellar, tasting room, event center, and restaurant. 

Staying true to Sicilian Tradition

Our Grapes

We use Colorado grapes in our wines

Most of our grapes are grown in Colorado, so we are an authentic Colorado winery. Some of our grapes come from California grown by friends & family of the Balistreri’s.

We only use hand-picked grapes to ensure we are using the highest quality fruit in our wines. Our grapes are carefully crushed in the winery and allowed to ferment using their natural yeasts. This preserves the character and quality of the fruit. 

When the wine is done fermenting, it is pressed using a bladder-style basket press and then siphoned by hand into fine American Oak Barrels. The wines age in barrel for approximately one year, where they undergo natural malolactic fermentation.

Colorado Malbec grapes almost ready to be picked…

Our Wines


Ancestral methods

No sulfites or chemicals

John Balistreri’s award-winning wines are traditionally handcrafted, made completely naturally without any sulfites or other chemicals, in a very approachable, easy-drinking style. 

What does natural wine mean to us?

  • Hand-harvested grapes
  • High quality, single vineyard sites across Colorado and occasionally California
  • Fermented on the natural yeasts
  • No fining or filtering
  • No sulfites, preservatives, or other chemicals
Through careful winemaking and working closely with our growers, we are able to forgo the use of sulfites and any other chemicals in our wines. They’re also not filtered or fined, and instead are bottled one barrel at a time, without racking. Due to the wines not being filtered, they may form a harmless deposit over time. If this occurs, we suggest the wine be poured gently or decanted to avoid disturbing the sediment. 

Orange-Style Whites

Balistreri Vineyards’ white wines are especially unique, made in an all-natural, ancestral method. We ferment our white grapes on their skins, like a red wine, which imparts a rich, deep color and flavor. Most white wines today are not fermented on their skins, only the juice. 

This natural and historic style of white winemaking produces a golden-orange hue in the wines, which also may develop harmless sediment as they age. These “orange” white wines should be served only moderately chilled to preserve their body and aromas. 

Visit Us

John in the Tasting Room

Balistreri Wine Tasting

When visiting, you will be welcomed by Winemaker John Balistreri, his wife Birdie, their daughter Julie, and the rest of the Balistreri Team. We offer tastings of our wines and tours of our cellar and winemaking facilities.

Wine Flights, Glasses, and Bottles to enjoy

We host Winery Events throughout the year for our community to enjoy, and they are a perfect opportunity to have fun and learn more about our natural Balistreri Wines with friends & family. 

Paired with delicious food from the Balistreri Kitchen, these events are not to be missed.

Upcoming Winery Events