2020 February: American GSM Blend

February 2020

Classic Old World Style Blend

As a natural winery, we prefer to keep each of our vineyards/ varietals separate to showcase their individuality and uniqueness. That’s why we are not typically known for blending… However, some things just go too well together!

A few years ago, we started producing a GSM blend which (as the acronym suggests) is made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. It’s one of the world’s most historic blends, and can be found all over the world. Our rendition of this classic blend calls back to some of these Old World examples, while still possessing our own unique touch.

The new vintage (which is the February wine of the month) just might be one of our best renditions yet! It’s decidedly rustic in style but has enough lush fruit to please just about anyone. On the nose there’s an interesting contrast between notes of leather, cinnamon and fresh strawberry. It’s certainly a bold wine but the tannins are gentle and balanced. This is a great spring red and will shine brightly with charcuterie, barbecued chicken or even just roasted vegetables.

See you soon!
The Balistreri Family

PS, Don’t forget that in February, we feature wines from the famed “Lovies Vineyard” in our tasting room. As you likely known, these Lovies Vineyard wines are some of our favorite bottles and easily stand as some of the best Cabernet and Merlot in the whole state. We will have a few bottles from this legendary vineyard open this weekend so stop in to learn more and taste these special wines!

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