2019 November: Grenache

November 2019

Grenache! Perfect for Thanksgiving

2018 American Grenache

Having worked with Grenache only a handful of years, it is a relatively new varietal for us here at Balistreri. And as with any budding relationship, there is always a period of time required for “getting to known one another” before you can feel totally at home. For us, this meant trying different winemaking techniques and styles. For example, we have typically chosen to blend our Grenache grapes with Syrah and Mourvedre to create our GSM blend. However, this vintage we took a different route and decided to bottle it on its own. The results are not only surprising, but delicious and compelling too!

Grenache is one of those grapes that you rarely hear about even though you’ve probably tasted it dozens of times. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most planted varietals! Despite this, it remains relatively unknown because it is typically blended with other grapes (like Syrah and Mourvedre) and thus is rarely listed on the label. It’s a shame too, because Grenache is a beautiful varietal that can really shine under the right circumstances: a revelation we found out first hand this vintage.

While some Grenache can be quite rugged, this vintage embraces the more elegant side of the varietal. Light bodied yet complex, this Grenache is both expressive and refined with delicate aromas of rose petal, cranberry, fresh herbs and dark cherry. These aromatics continue through to the palate where they are joined by gentle tannins, beautifully integrated acidity, and a subtle note of baking spice.

This Grenache could easily be mistaken for a high quality Pinot Noir thanks to both its poise and elegant structure. And just like real Pinot Noir, this wine is a shoo-in for any delicious meal, especially something like Thanksgiving where there are many courses and flavors to stand up against. With a lighter body and bright acidity, this wine refreshes and livens the palate instead of weighing it down (that’s the Turkey’s job).

With this in mind, we’re happy to release the 2018 American Grenache in time for the Holidays! Please stop in and taste this wonderful Grenache along with some other new additions to the lineup (and keep an eye out for special holiday releases).

Cheers from all of us at Balistreri’s!

We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you in the tasting room throughout the season!

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